CS Literature of the Day

I read a lot of research papers and other nerdy computer science things in my spare time. I’m also a huge fan of Paper We Love, which is an awesome repository of academic CS papers and a community of people who read, share, and present them.

For the purposes of posterity and information-sharing, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the nerdy things I read or watch like various papers, blog posts, and talks—all related to computer science. That’s why I’m tweeting a new piece of CS literature every day with the hashtag #CSLOTD and maintaining a GitHub repo containing that content called CS Literature of the Day.

To start, CSLOTD will just be literature which I come across myself and find interesting, but it’s completely open to contributors to share thought-provoking material. The repo won’t host any content but rather provide links to it.

I’m doing this because I’m enthusiastic about CS. I reserve the right to stop doing it at any time or miss days for whatever reason. I also tweet things that I think are interesting. If you don’t find them interesting, that’s your problem. As such, I reserve the right to reject submissions if I don’t find them interesting enough to include. I have pretty low standards though. :)

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